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July 19,  2020

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Our first actual  face to face Meet and Greet dinner at the restaurant turned out well. A few of us braved coming out into the world after being cooped up due to the pandemic. Four of us just returned from visiting nudist clubs in Ohio and Indiana. We got back just in time to avoid the quarantine from  Ohio. It is a different world. 

At the meeting we decided to call off the Nudist weekend at the Lodge. The pandemic is the biggest cause. Some of our members are stuck in Florida. Some are from Canada. And some are(were) coming from Ohio. We only had 10 people sign up. That is not enough people  to pay for the Lodge. It also takes a lot of time and effort to put on these events.

We are going to  let the cabin owner know so he can rent it out for that weekend. As most of you know, who have been at the Lodge, we get it cheap because we are a good customer. We clean up and don't trash the place. If for some reason he doesn't rent it, we will have a day event. There will not be a potluck dinner. It will just be a day were we can be nude and enjoy each other's company.

We won't know if we can do this until a few days before the event will take place.

We are still planning to have our Nude Thanksgiving dinner at the lodge.

We did not set another Zoom meeting or dinner at the restaurant. We will be doing that in a few days.


As  far as we know, the Naked in a cave event at Howes Caverns is on. NAked in a Cave

Several Niagara Naturists members are planning to attend. If you would like to go, you must call Howe's Caves to  make a reservation.





Until next time, Stay Safe and PLEASE wear a mask.
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