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June 5, 2020

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Our Zoom meeting on last Saturday night turned out great. We had a lot of people and several new people that joined us online. A few meetings ago, we decided to have a meeting every two weeks. So our next meeting will be this coming Saturday June 13th.  The invitation and instructions can be found at the end of the newsletter.(Click here )


We spent a lot of time online using Google to try and find Nudist  events and which reopening phase they will be included in. Amazingly we couldn't find Nudist events listed anywhere so we'll have to go with restaurants and other recreational activities which would be in phase 3. This phase will include larger gatherings of people, but not parades and fairs.   Based upon the Finger Lakes data, which looks good, we estimate that they will enter into phase 3 in a couple of weeks. The Nudist Lodge is located in the Finger Lakes region. Hopefully by the time of the event we might even be into phase 4. O, we are going to go ahead and start taking reservations for the weekend at the Lodge lodge which will be July 24 through July 26th

nude campfireThat will give us three days and two nights to enjoy a nudist weekend. 

More about the Luxury Nudist Lodge may be found here.


Fees for this event may be found at the end of this page.(Click here))

There will be a potluck supper on Saturday night along with games and a bonfire. All other meals will be on your own.  The Lodge has a complete kitchen for your use.  The club will supply hotdogs for the potluck.People who wish to camp out may come either Friday or Saturday. We will probably have a bonfire on Friday night as well.

You do not have to be a Niagara Naturists member to attend this event. Although, if you are single, you must meet at least one of the following criteria.

1)    Be an AANR Member
2)    Have attended one of our Meet and Greet dinners or Zoom meeting
3)    Have attended one of our nude events
4)    Meet with our membership committee via a zoom meeting or other video means
5)    Be sponsored by a Niagara Naturist Member
Although this sounds complicated, we have found that we must take these steps to protect the privacy, safety, and security of our members and guests


As with the last cabin event, we need reservations for those who wish to attend.  We need to know how many people to expect so we can make plans with the owners to make sure that everything goes smoothly.  /p> Please remember, we need a minimum number of people to attend this event. 

Please make your reservations soon.  It makes us very  nervous to not know if will be able to make this work. Make you reservations by emailing us  at  Please indicate when you are arriving, how many people, the number of days, if you will be spending the night, and are bringing an RV.

Because of privacy and security concerns, the exact location will only be sent to people when we have received their RSVP

 Everybody had a great time last year. Hope to see you there.


  • Price List

Item Niagara Naturists & AANR Members Non-members
Daily Grounds fee (Include ground fee if arriving before 6:00 on Friday & spending the night $15.00/day $25.00/ day
Arriving after 6:00 PM Friday night and not spending the night 15.00 25.00
Spending the night.  - Double bed 20.00/bed 30.00/bed
Spending the night - Single bed, crashing on couch or floor 10.00/person 15.00/person
RVs, tents 10.00/person 15.00/person


Topic: Niagara Naturists' Zoom Meeting
Time: 7:PM Saturday 6/13/2020

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 883 0525 7459
Password: 288834

If you just click on the link, you should get right into the meeting. There should not be any need to enter the Meeting ID or password.
If you are not a Niagara Naturists member, you must have your video enabled to attend the meeting. You can join the meeting with a smart phone, laptop, tablet or desktop (with a web cam)


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