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KISSIMMEE, Fl -- If there's one thing virtually all nudists have in common, aside from being nudists, it's a love of the great outdoors. Those who enjoy nude recreation at any of the 260 clubs affiliated with the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), have many options to choose from when it comes to outdoor activities - from serious exercise for those who want to look more buff, in the buff, to leisurely old-fashioned games such as horseshoes, at the end of a busy day.
While swimming and tennis seem to be among the sports most often associated with nude recreation, many clubs offer a variety of leisure activities to accommodate the interest of nudists young and old, active or passive. Swimming pools and lakes are commonplace, but visit a club in your area, and one is bound to find sports such as volleyball, golf, badminton, bocce ball, shuffleboard and hiking/nature trails. Others also offer fishing, boating, full-scale exercise rooms, basketball courts, croquet, table tennis and spas. Cycling and camping are also among the most popular activities enjoyed by nudists.
Many clubs also sponsor Nude Fun Runs and Bike Rides within their grounds, open to the public, to raise funds for charitable organizations.
Though football has its own terminology, to nudists, the words have different meanings. You may be a nudist if you know the meaning of the following:
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  1. KICK OFF - This means the summer nude sunbathing season has finally arrived and you can't wait to get to your favorite nudist resort
  2. END ZONE - The area around the pool where all the nude sunbathers are laying on their stomachs, tanning their backsides
  3. TOUCHDOWN - You've arrived at your favorite nude sunbathing resort and have finished unhooking and leveling your RV
  4. UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS - You forgot your flip flops and now have to walk around barefoot

  5. SUPER BOWL XLII - Patriots vs. Packers? Nah, to a nudist it means the Upcoming Super Bowl of Nude Volleyball to be held at White Thorn Lodge in PA
  6. SAFETY - The feeling you have vacationing at a favorite AANR-member nudist resort

  7. FIRST DOWN - First one out of their clothes and relaxing down at the pool

  8. RETURN - What you do year after year visiting your favorite nudist resorts

  9. PENALTY - Being stuck "textile," that is watching the Super Bowl with non-nudist friends and wearing clothes

Another one of the favorite recreational pastimes of many nudists is gardening. In fact, there are Nude Couple in garden Courtesy of AANRmany AANR members who are classified as "Master Gardeners," including Pat Brown, former President of AANR. Stroll through the campgrounds, RVs or single family homes at virtually any nudist club, and you're sure to find some spectacular examples of nudists who not only have good tans, but green thumbs as well!

About AANR: AANR is the credible voice of reason on issues relevant to nude recreation and Nakationing in appropriate settings, serving more than 52 million individuals who enjoy skinny- dipping and clothing-optional recreation throughout North America. To learn more about nude recreation and clothes-free vacation opportunities, visit  Membership in Niagara Naturists is your passport to fun, and can be had for less than the cost of a bathing suit.